Reduce Stress Through Self Hypnosis

Reduce Stress Through Self Hypnosis

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Reduce Stress Through Self Hypnosis

Reduce Stress Through Self Hypnosis


Hypnosis can be simply described as a trance-like state of mind characterized by intense concentration, extreme relaxation and high suggestibility. The process of hypnosis usually involves a hypnotist and a subject who agrees to be hypnotized.

Hypnotherapy or treatment using hypnosis is an appropriate therapeutic mechanism against mental problems such as overcoming addiction, overcoming fear, withstanding pain and reducing stress in life. Self hypnosis is a process where a person hypnotizes himself without the suggestions of a hypnotist. According to the principles of hypnosis, one cannot be hypnotized without his consent or awareness. However, it is not always possible for everyone to seek the help of a professional for achieving set goals that can be expensive and time consuming. Alternatively, you can also practice self hypnosis so as to save money and time.

In hypnosis, a person getting hypnotized enters into a trance-like situation, where his mind is deeply relaxed but is entirely focused. More than the conscious mind, it is the sub-conscious mind that is more functional during hypnosis. All the suggestions are made so that the sub-conscious mind accepts them.  

How does the entire process of self hypnosis help in reducing stress? The human brain has the ability to fight against stress. A group of molecules known as endorphins are released by the body that reduce the blood pressure and help in restoring the normal functionality of the body. Self hypnosis causes a natural stimulation of endorphin release by inducing a deep relaxed state of mind. This helps in preventing diseases and health problems resulting due to excessive stress. You can also reduce stress by building self esteem levels through a definite lifestyle pattern that includes regular exercise, healthy diet schedule and clean environment. Hypnosis helps in achieving this goal. Many people get addicted to negative habits like smoking, alcohol and compulsive eating so as to get rid of stress. However, rather than reducing stress, all these habits cause greater damage to the health. Self hypnosis also helps in overcoming these negative habits.

In order to practice self hypnosis, you need to have a quiet place devoid of any commotion or disturbances. High level of concentration is required if you are interested in practicing self hypnosis.

Reduce Stress Through Self Hypnosis