Self Help Book Anger Managment

Self Help Book Anger Managment

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Self Help Book Anger Managment
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Self Help Book Anger Managment


Very often, people hold on to feelings of shame or guilt and allow emotions like anger to grow and fester within them. However, all these unpleasant feelings cannot be held back for very long and one fine day, all the pent up anger is spilled out in a fit of rage.

Nobody ever benefits from anger or guilt because they do not help us to grow as people and human beings. In today’s stressful world, many people are faced with challenges such as anger management and overcoming guilt. There are many self-help books on anger management. So, get ready to manage your emotions and overcome negative traits in your personality like excessive anger, guilty feeling, a sense of shame, blaming tendency and brooding with these helpful books:

The book titled ‘Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion’ by Carol Tavris allows us to understand how anger blocks happiness and speaks about a young women's anger. It provides useful strategies for solving specific anger problems such as chronic anger, dealing with difficult people, repeated family battles, anger after divorce or victimization, and aggressive children. It is a helpfully enlightening book.
The book titled ‘Beyond Blame: A New Way of Resolving Conflicts in Relationships’ by Jeffrey A. Kottler, outlines a process for assessing conflict triggers, understanding interpersonal problem development, and developing alternatives for overcoming lifelong patterns of responsibility avoidance.

‘Overcoming Frustration and Anger’ by Dr. Paul Hauck is another short, but powerfully effective book that explains the roots of anger and provides tips on reducing frustration and aggravated behavior in life.

Similarly, there are many other useful books available in the market such as ‘When bad things happen to good people’ by Harold Kushner, ‘Healing Together’ by Lee Jampolsky, or ‘What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger’ by Maxine Schnall, which help in effective anger management.

Self Help Book Anger Managment