Self Esteem Student Activities

Self Esteem Student Activities

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Self Esteem Student Activities
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Self Esteem Student Activities


The importance of developing a strong sense of self-worth and self esteem within your inner self cannot be underestimated. A high degree of self esteem enables people to learn more effectively, and helps them to cope with the numerous forms of stresses that we encounter everyday in our lives.

A good self esteem inspires a person to lead a healthier life and create a better future for himself.

A few self esteem enhancing student activities are described below.

  1. Students can be paired with unknown student partners and asked to interact and get to know each other through a quick interview. They can be allotted a period of five minutes for the interview and then both students must introduce each other to the entire class.
  2. Students can be encouraged to maintain a journal and make journal entries frequently. Herein, students may make any form of journal entry such as writing a poem, describing a dream, or sharing a memorable incident which has influenced him / her deeply and profoundly.
  3. Students can also be asked to design and develop self-collages wherein they can use pictures, words, or symbols to represent their character, their likes, dislikes, aspirations, and even glimpses of personal events such as a family vacation. Later, the collages with the student’s name on its back can be jumbled with the other collages and the other students asked to identify the owner of the collage in question.
  4. The entire class can be divided into groups of four to six students. All the students of a group must highlight the positive behavioral traits about a single person of that team. Once all the points are recorded, the list can be handed over to that person for his journal.

These activities and many more serve to boost the self esteem and also help develop skills in self-management, decision-making, communication, goal-setting, self-reflection, and cooperation.

Self Esteem Student Activities