Self Esteem Lesson Plans

Self Esteem Lesson Plans

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Self Esteem Lesson Plans


There are numerous Self Esteem Lesson Plans available if you search for them. The Internet is an excellent source. Those looking for a course of action to take in order to improve self esteem are sure to find something that will appeal. Many expert sites offer helpful lesson plans to follow. Below are just a few of them.

The National Association for Self Esteem (NASE) offers an eight step lesson plan for "Improving Self Esteem in Adults". This lesson plan covers how the brain works so that we can understand ourselves better, instructions for adopting meditation and relaxation techniques, information on how to respect and care for yourself and visualization. has a lesson plan that includes tips for self esteem such as having a go at wearing something outrageous. It also has a list of questions to ask yourself such as "Do I really like the person I see in the mirror?" and a number of "Mystery Files", scenarios you can work to identify the problems with self esteem in fictional situations. has a lesson plan designed for schools to use that provides a personal inventory to be filled out by students. Students list what they like, what they are good at, when they do not like and how the perceive their relationships. It also requires the affirmation of statements such as "I am a leader" or "I am a follower" and what a student does to relax and feel calm and peaceful.

As we see above, different lesson plans are designed to appeal to different people or to be used in different situations. They can be used in schools, the work place, individually or with a group of friends or peers. Low self esteem, although common is a very personal experience, and therefore one set of instructions on how to improve it may be more appropriate than another. Do not be afraid to search until you find one that sounds suited to your particular needs.

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Self Esteem Lesson Plans

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