Self Esteem Free Lessons

Self Esteem Free Lessons

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Self Esteem Free Lessons
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Self Esteem Free Lessons


Self-confidence or self esteem is extremely essential for a person to be successful at both professional and personal levels. Building self esteem in children is even more important so as to promote the feelings of self-worth in the child’s mind, a factor that is extremely crucial for a child’s academic excellence and later in adulthood.

Self esteem in children gets damaged even due to very minor incidents. It is the one of fundamental responsibilities of a parent to safeguard the self esteem and self respect of his child and help them in developing optimistic thoughts.

Listed below are some tips that can be useful for parents in helping their children develop self esteem.

  1. A child should feel special and appreciated: Praise can create wonders in a child. According to research, presence of at least one caring parent is essential to a child developing hope and becoming resilient. It is necessary for parents to make their children feel that they are really important in one’s life and are appreciated. Parents should always focus on things that a child likes to do rather than enforcing their decisions. This allows the children to have freedom to think and analyze.
  2. Self esteem in a child can be improved assisting him / her in developing problem solving and decision making skills.
  3. It is important for parents to create a challenging environment for children to thrive and improve. However, one should maintain the fine difference between being judgment and motivation.  
  4. Parents should avoid venting out their frustrations on their child. One needs to be empathetic and allow the child to think about probable solutions for a particular difficulty.
  5. The biggest mistake that parents do is comparison. It is not right to compare a child with his / her siblings or their friends. This reduces the self esteem levels in a child significantly.

Self Esteem Free Lessons