Low Self Esteem Signs

Low Self Esteem Signs

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Low Self Esteem Signs


If someone is lacking in confidence, feeling unable to contribute to group situations, fearful about the future and frustrated and angry without feeling they can do anything about it, they are probably suffering from low self esteem. There are many signs of low self esteem, and they can be categorized into physical, emotional and personal.

Physical signs

  • Looking at the ground: One sign of is casting eyes down, either when walking or in conversation. It is a physical sign that the sufferer is avoiding engaging with others.
  • Unable to maintain direct eye contact with others: Again this is an avoidance of engagement with others. Some people who suffer from low self esteem feel that they do not have the ability to hold a gaze with another.
  • Withdrawal: A sign of low self esteem can be being withdrawn and shying away from conversations or situations.
  • Lack of energy or direction: Lack of self esteem can manifest as lack of drive. Some sufferers physically move in a listless and directionless manner.

Emotional Signs

  • Frustration, impatience or anger: Often people suffering from low self esteem find it hard to deal with a situation that requires time or a patient approach. Taking time can seems like a challenge to the outcome the desire, and this can lead to frustration and anger.
  • The use of negative language: Sometimes low self esteem makes it hard to see the positive side of life and this negativity shows itself in the language used by sufferers.
  • Depression: Low self esteem and negativity can lead to varying forms of depression.

Personal Signs

  • Unable to accept compliments from others: Sufferers of low self esteem often have a low sense of self worth and find it hard to appreciate and accept the positives others see in them.
  • Constant apologizing and guilt: Sufferers can feel negative responsibility on numerous levels and feel the need to point out and apologize for them.
  • Take things personally: Those suffering from low self esteem may take things to heart and overreact to them. Low self esteem can make an innocent remark affirmation of something they believe is negative

Low self esteem manifests itself in different forms. Different sufferers may portray different signs, and for different reasons. The best way to help someone with low self esteem is to try to understand the reason behind their symptoms and gently guide them in ways that it can be improved.

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Low Self Esteem Signs

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