What Rules Does Florida Have For Mental Health Counselors

What Rules Does Florida Have For Mental Health Counselors

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What Rules Does Florida Have For Mental Health Counselors
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What Rules Does Florida Have For Mental Health Counselors


Mental health counselors can be described as professionals who provide counseling to individuals towards improving their wellness and mental health. Mental health counselors are entirely different from social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Mental health counselors work towards making the people realize their strengths and work towards enhancing their self esteem and self confidence rather than looking at problems that need to be solved.

A well-trained mental health counselor works with individuals, families and groups addressing their mental, emotional and psychological disorders. These counselors are adept at handling and treating a wide range of mental health issues including depression, addiction and substance abuse, suicidal impulses, stress management, problems with self-esteem, issues associated with aging, job and career problems, educational decisions, issues related to mental and emotional health and family, parenting, marital and other relationship problems.  

Various health institutes in Florida offer graduate programs in mental health counseling. In order to be a licensed mental health counselor, one needs to have a master’s degree in counseling and two years of supervised clinical experience after completion of the master’s degree. They also need to pass the examination conducted by the National Board of Certified Counselors to become a certified mental health counselor. Persons interested in becoming mental health counselors should have a keen interest in helping others. Individuals should possess the ability of infusing trust, confidence and respect into patients. Counselors should always work closely with other mental health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, school counselors, marriage and family therapists and psychiatric nurses. Mental health counselors must follow all the rules and code of ethics associated with their certification and license.

What Rules Does Florida Have For Mental Health Counselors