Mental Health Disorder And Tobacco Use

Mental Health Disorder And Tobacco Use

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Mental Health Disorder And Tobacco Use


Usage of substances like tobacco is fast becoming a matter of global concern. Excessive stress levels have been found to be the primary reason due to which people get addicted to tobacco usage.

Prolonged usage of tobacco can be detrimental to a person’s health resulting in the onset of various fatal health complications including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and psychiatric disorders. Some important mental health problems diagnosed in smokers include alcohol abuse, major depressive disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, social phobias and substance abuse. Research has found that tobacco abuse can significantly reduce a person’s ability to think and analyze. It also reduces mental proficiency, IQ and intelligence. The effect is even more in people who are addicted to alcohol.

As per the available survey reports, usage of tobacco and rates of smoking are 2-4 times higher in people suffering with psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders. More than 40 percent of smokers have been reported to suffer with one or the other kind of mental health problem.

Smokers with psychiatric disorders continue with the habit as they feel that smoking reduces their psychiatric symptoms. Hence, these types of smokers in most cases are not willing to quit smoking. The main constituent in tobacco is nicotine. Apart from this, there are various other chemical compounds in tobacco smoke that can induce the release of endorphins in brain. Endorphins are a group of natural chemical substances that provide relaxation to the brain and reduce stress levels.

Smokers suffering with psychiatric disorders are 7 times more likely to get affected with cardiovascular diseases. Even the rate of suicides is higher in these patients.

Mental Health Disorder And Tobacco Use