Social Aspect Of The Movie And The Pursuit Of Happiness

Social Aspect Of The Movie And The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Social Aspect Of The Movie And The Pursuit Of Happiness
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Social Aspect Of The Movie And The Pursuit Of Happiness


Released by Columbia Pictures on December 15, 2006, Pursuit of Happiness is an Academy Award winning movie produced by Overbrook Entertainment in collaboration with Escape Artist and Relativity Media.

Pursuit of Happiness is based on the real life experiences of Christopher Gardner, who was once a homeless single father but struggled hard to become a successful stock broker. Story of the film was written by Steve Conrad and the film was director by an Italian director called Gabriele Muccino. Pursuit of Happiness has Will Smith enacting the role of Chris Gardner. Jaden Smith, who is the real-life son of Will Smith, enacted the role of Gardner’s son Christopher.

Christopher Gardner was a bright and talented young man. In order to meet the daily expenses of life and raise his 5-year old son, he was employed as a salesman and was earning a meager income. One day, Gardner and his son are pushed out of their apartment in San Francisco. They suddenly become homeless. In the process, Gardner finds an internship with a prestigious stock brokerage firm. Gardner faces quite a number of challenges trying to balance his professional life and his personal life. He has to pursue his internship while caring for Christopher. In the process of achieving the dream of a better life, Gardner and his son endure many hardships including living in shelters, sleeping in bathrooms and spending ten days in jail for not paying his parking tickets.

The story of Christopher Gardener definitely deserves to be made into a movie. There are quite a number of messages in the film for the society. The movie portrays the close relationship between the father and the son, thereby emphasizing the fact that parents must provide care and attention to children so as to ensure a proper psychological and emotional development of a child. Gardner and his son struggle hard to achieve their goal, emphasizing the fact that success never comes easily. One needs to work hard in order to achieve anything in life as nothing comes easily.  

On the other hand, Pursuit of Happiness also gives the society the chance to think about homeless people. These people live at the edge of society and are constantly struggling to survive. We prefer not to think about their existence. Pursuit of Happiness opens are eyes to the plight of homelessness and gives us something to think about deeply.

Social Aspect Of The Movie And The Pursuit Of Happiness