Case Study On Group Decision Making

Case Study On Group Decision Making

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Case Study On Group Decision Making
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Case Study On Group Decision Making


Technically, decision making can be explained as a cognitive process of the brain that involves making a selection among different variations. However, one needs to go through a reasoning process before making a decision. This reasoning can be either rational or irrational.

Group decision making can be defined as the process where decisions are made by a group after complete analysis of the situation. Group decision making can be an effective way of arriving at a solution for certain types of problems.

Below is a classical example where decision making was entrusted on a group.

The trout population of a particular running creek in a town in the U.S. was diminishing due to increased community development activities. The state government was inclined to designate this stream as a trout stream so as to ensure a sustaining trout population. However, the government was unable to make any decision as the issue was volatile and required regulations over development. In this regard, the government wanted to involve the public and all the stakeholders so as to arrive at a conclusion and consensus. With this intention, a public notice about the schedule and objective of group meeting was announced to the public and businesses in the area.

Based on the outcome of the meeting, decision was made to preserve the aesthetic value of the river. A study was conducted to determine whether the water in the creek is good enough to support trout population and what are the factors that are required so as to ensure a sustained trout population. Decision was taken to communicate the public about the current situation and the progress being made. The entire proceedings of the meetings were kept transparent and were regularly communicated through newspapers. A monitoring agency was established to monitor the changes in the water quality and the conditions affecting trout habitat. The monitoring agency will be working in coordination with the general public and the results of the agency will be regularly updated to all the stakeholders.

There are different ways in which a group can make a decision or decide on a solution. Some of these include consensus decision making, compromise decision making, majority vote, decision by the leader and arbitration. Arbitration involves an external body or a person who is roped in to make a decision on behalf of the group. Before making a meaningful decision, there are different factors that a group must consider. These include identifying, understanding and analyzing the problem, listing out probable solutions available, goals of final decision, evaluation of solutions and solution implementation. In certain situations, brainstorming sessions are conducted, where group members are encouraged to generate as many ideas about a particular topic as they can.

Case Study On Group Decision Making